Customer Testimonials

Christophe Lachnitt’s services are best described by his customers:

« Christophe Lachnitt conducted an audit of the internal and external communications strategy and organization of Orange Cyberdefense worldwide, and proposed pragmatic and concrete recommendations. He presented strategic orientations and numerous recommendations, as well as a detailed implementation plan for the short, medium and long term, to our Executive Committee. He also advised me and coached our communications team in managing a challenging period for our company. Last but not least, he facilitated an Executive Committee offsite focused on our company’s mission and strategic roadmap.
Always, Christophe was valued for his ability to quickly understand our business and human challenges, the quality and relevance of his advice, as well as his dedication. He offers a unique blend of long-term strategic vision and shorter-term operational execution to support field teams. Moreover, his ability to adapt to multicultural environments allows everyone to feel listened to and understood. Working with Christophe was a true pleasure and a real added value for our organization. »
– Hugues Foulon, Orange Cyberdefense CEO and Executive Director of Strategy and Cyberdefense Activities of the Orange group

« Thanks to his experience as chief communications officer, his mastery of digital challenges, his personal credibility with the teams and his exceptional investment, Christophe Lachnitt played a decisive role in the in-depth transformation of Thales’ communications function on a global scale. » – Matt Pothecary, VP, Group Communications, Thales

« Christophe Lachnitt supported me and my team for more than a year in the integration of the largest acquisition in Worldline’s history. He helped me design and set up an organization and operating model relevant to this new context. He advised us on our branding, content production, internal communications and social media strategies, and also worked operationally in those fields. He coached several members of my team. I really appreciated his ability to support us on communications issues of all kinds and to help my team grow thanks to his empathy and efficiency. » – Sandrine van der Ghinst, Group Head of Global Communications, Worldline

« We hired Christophe Lachnitt as a consultant to act as head of Ingenico Group’s communications function over close to a year. During his tenure, he revamped the Company’s internal communications strategy, thereby contributing to the improvement of employee engagement levels in eNPS results, managed internal and external crisis communications in the wake of Covid-19, and laid the foundation (TOM, synergies…) for the combination of Ingenico Group’s and Worldline’s communications functions as part of the two companies’ merger. » – Jacques Guérin, EVP, Strategy, Transformation, HR and Communications, Ingenico Group

« Christophe Lachnitt conducted an audit of our function’s strategy, organization and operations. My team and I appreciated the fact that he gave his feedback on our strengths and areas for improvement in an objective manner without value judgement or criticism. The quality of Christophe’s listening skills and this reasoned and benevolent approach encouraged the teams’ commitment to this project and the realization of the changes we still need to make. The relevance of the 65 concrete recommendations presented by Christophe will help us a lot in this perspective. » – Marie-Cécile Lebard, Vice President of Communications and Social Responsibility, Aésio Mutuelle

« Christophe Lachnitt conducted an audit of Sonepar France’s internal and external communications strategy and organization. He presented his findings to the Company’s Executive Committee. We found his recommendations relevant and asked him to support us in the implementation of the most important ones. His ability to shape our communications while always seeing the big picture helped us a lot. » – Jérôme Malassigne, Sonepar France CEO

« Christophe Lachnitt conducted an audit of the governance and operating model of EDF’s international communications network. The 21 recommendations he made provided us with a great framework for reinforcing and expanding our brand’s presence around the world. » – Julien Villeret, Senior EVP, Group Communications, EDF

« Christophe Lachnitt has shared his experience of the impact of generative artificial intelligence on communication strategies, activities and professions with EDF Group’s communicators on several occasions in recent months. Christophe knows how to raise awareness and engage communicators, in both French and English, with a concrete, relevant and enthusiastic approach. Each and every one of his presentations has received rave reviews. » – Benjamin Perret, Senior EVP, Group Communications, EDF
(since 2021)

« Christophe Lachnitt designed and led a one-day training course on generative artificial intelligence for the teams of the Stakeholder Dialogue, Communications and Philanthropy Department of CNP Assurances. The dual purpose of the training – strategic and operational perspective on the one hand, familiarization with the applications on the other – ensured its short- and medium-term usefulness for the participants. Christophe also demystified generative artificial intelligence and showed how it can help communicators accomplish their missions even more effectively. » – Agathe Sanson, Vice President of Stakeholder Dialogue, Communications and Philanthropy, CNP Assurances

« Christophe Lachnitt trained the executive team of the French Banking Association in generative artificial intelligence. His course covered both the strategic dimensions of the development of these technologies (impact on individuals, companies, the financial sector and, more broadly, Society) and their practical aspects (hands-on workshops). We greatly appreciated his mastery of the subject and his ability to share it with us relevantly at both levels, enabling us to grasp it in its entirety and to sustainably value this training in our activity. » – Maya Atig, CEO of the French Banking Association

« We wish to express our complete satisfaction with Christophe Lachnitt’s presentation on the subject of generative artificial intelligence at the annual seminar for Defense and Armed Forces communicators.
His presentation was extremely instructive and relevant. The clarity of his presentation and his expertise, combined with his dynamism and oratory skills, sparked great interest among all participants and were unanimously praised.
We would like to thank Christophe for his valuable contribution, and we are convinced that the information shared during this presentation will have a positive impact on our future activities.
We hope to have the opportunity to work with Christophe again in the future. »
– Olivia Penichou, EVP, Communications, The Armed Forces Ministry

« We entrusted Christophe Lachnitt with preparing the content and facilitating the symposium organized to mark CNIL’s 45th anniversary. Christophe’s in-depth knowledge of digital issues, his extensive preparatory work, and his precise facilitation allowed this event to be well-received by the audiences who attended both in the auditorium and via the live-stream, while successfully meeting our communications objectives. » – Marie-Laure Denis, CNIL’s Chairwoman

« Christophe Lachnitt presented to the managers of Enedis’ Sillon Rhodanien Regional Division how generative artificial intelligence works, its impact on the energy market, its added value for Enedis, and the challenges of their necessary understanding by our teams. The presentation generated a great deal of interest, thanks to its rich content, tailored to our issues, and Christophe Lachnitt’s dynamism, which kept our managers’ attention throughout. » – Patrick Lyonnet, Vice President, Enedis’ Sillon Rhodanien Regional Division

« Christophe Lachnitt spoke to our marketing and sales teams about his optimism and resilience born out of his four confrontations with death. While this subject seemed far removed from the concerns of the participants, they greatly appreciated his authentic tone, his practical advice for their daily work, and the frankness with which he answered their questions. His speech was a real success. » – Marine Sanouiller, Marketing, Bayer

« Christophe Lachnitt gave a keynote speech to Somfy managers in which he highlighted the drivers of motivation in the digital age and the importance of a manager’s role in this context. His lively and well-documented speech helped our managers become aware of these issues and understand the need to adapt their behavior. » – Christine Nast, Group Internal Communications, Somfy